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lakeFS - Data version control for your data lake | Git for data



Name Type Description Notes
message str   [optional]
metadata Dict[str, str]   [optional]
strategy str In case of a merge conflict, this option will force the merge process to automatically favor changes from the dest branch ('dest-wins') or from the source branch('source-wins'). In case no selection is made, the merge process will fail in case of a conflict [optional]
force bool   [optional] [default to False]


from lakefs_sdk.models.merge import Merge

# TODO update the JSON string below
json = "{}"
# create an instance of Merge from a JSON string
merge_instance = Merge.from_json(json)
# print the JSON string representation of the object
print Merge.to_json()

# convert the object into a dict
merge_dict = merge_instance.to_dict()
# create an instance of Merge from a dict
merge_form_dict = merge.from_dict(merge_dict)

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