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Name Type Description Notes
id str A unique identifier for the user. Cannot be edited.  
creation_date int Unix Epoch in seconds  
friendly_name str A shorter name for the user than the id. Unlike id it does not identify the user (it might not be unique). Used in some places in the UI. [optional]
email str The email address of the user. If API authentication is enabled, this field is mandatory and will be invited to login. If API authentication is disabled, this field will be ignored. All current APIAuthenticators require the email to be lowercase and unique, although custom authenticators may not enforce this. [optional]


from lakefs_sdk.models.user import User

# TODO update the JSON string below
json = "{}"
# create an instance of User from a JSON string
user_instance = User.from_json(json)
# print the JSON string representation of the object
print User.to_json()

# convert the object into a dict
user_dict = user_instance.to_dict()
# create an instance of User from a dict
user_form_dict = user.from_dict(user_dict)

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